1. Introduction

Who We Are

The Friends of the Ashton Armoury Museum (The Friends) is a non-profit Society registered as a charitable society with Canada Revenue Agency.

The purposes of “The Friends”  is to:

  1. To promote and stimulate interest in, and give support to the Lieutenant General E.C. Ashton Armoury Museum.
  2. To encourage and support research into and study of Canadian Military History.
  3. To promote and assist in fund raising for specific purposes and initiatives which may be agreed to by the Society and the Museum from time to time.
  4. To recruit volunteer Society members from the community to Collageperform a variety of tasks required to operate, maintain and manage the Museum, its displays, artifacts and equipment.

What We Do

Assist the Museum Director to:

  1. Operate and maintain Museum’s vintage vehicle fleet
  2. Manage and maintain  Museum artifacts displays.
  3. Conduct Museum tours and educational outreach programs

Administer Museum website and Facebook page; and

Conduct fundraising activities

Executive Committee (2017)

President: Chris Preston

Vice President: John Ducker

Past President: Peter Laursen

Secretary-Treasurer: Doug Braun

Director: Wayne Dauphinee

Director: Paul MacNeil

Director: Bill Rowbottom


Meeting Proceedings

Annual General Meeting

January 2017


Monthly Executive Committee 

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

September 2017


Contact Us

Friends of Ashton Armoury Museum

724 Vanalman Ave

Victoria, BC V8Z 3B5

Email: thefriends@shaw.ca