2. Resident Units

The units currently resident in the Armoury are:


2 Troop B Squadron 39 Signals Regiment

39 Signal Regiment is the Reserve Army Signal Regiment of 39 Canadian Brigade Group with three squadrons garrisoned in Vancouver, Esquimalt, and Nanaimo B.C. Its Regimental Headquarters is located at CFB Esquimalt.



11 Company 39 Service Battalion39 Svc Bn

39 Service Battalion is a reserve service battalion of 39 Canadian Brigade Group garrisoned in Richmond and Victoria, B.C. It provides logistical support such as transportation, supplies, repairs, and personnel to the rest of the 3rd Canadian Division units located in British Columbia.

Established in 1970, 11 (Victoria) Service Battalion, now 11 company, brought together a collection of independent supply, transport, maintenance and administration elements into a single unit. In a similar fashion. While 39 Service Battalion is a very recent addition to the order of battle, the history of army reserve service units extends back to the very early days shortly after the foundation of both Victoria and Vancouver.

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11 FD Amb Hummingbird11 (Victoria) Field Ambulance

11 (Victoria) Field Ambulance is a Canadian Forces Health Services /1 Health Services Group unit charged with conducting  individual, platoon and collective training. It has also, provides medical support to other units undergoing training, as well as operating a Brigade Medical Station (BMS) for brigade- level exercises in various training areas in British Columbia and Washington State. Operating the BMS is done in conjunction with 12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance, which illustrates the close cooperation that exists between the two units. On March 18, 2016 the unit exercised it’s Freedom of the Municipality of Saanich, granted in 1994,  with a parade at the Municipal Hall,.

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12 Military Police Platoon15 MP Company_clipped_rev_2

12 Military Police Platoon is part of 15 Military Police Company , 1 Military Police Regiment . The platoon has two sections located in Richmond, British Columbia and one section located in Victoria, British Columbia.