The LGen E.C. Ashton Armoury Museum is dependent on community generosity to maintain and display the historical artifacts held by the museum.

Financial and Artifact Donations


Financial donations may be made:

  • in cash by deposited in Donation Boxes located in the museum and at local events; or
  • PayPal by clicking here; or
  • Interac e-Transfer to; or
  • cheque payable to the “Friends of Ashton Armoury Museum” mailed to the Friends of Ashton Armoury Museum, 724 Vanalman Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 3B5.



The majority of the artifacts and memoribilia displayed in the museum were acquired through donations frodm individual interested in the maintenance of Canada’s mlitary heritage. While every effort is mayde to display all items received space limitations and constraints dictate what and how items are displayed. Due to limitations on display and storage space, you are encouraged to  consider the following factors when planning a donation:

  • The artifacts must relate to the units resident in the Ashton Armoury, their affiliated Canadian Forces Branches or Army Corps – present and past. If the artifact is not of interest to the Ashton Armoury Museum, the Museum reserves the right to refuse the gift but may suggest alternate or more appropriate recipients.
  • The condition of the artifact must be considered when acquiring artifacts. If the artifact is of historic interest but is in such fragile condition that the Ashton Armoury Museum cannot provide adequate care, the donor will be directed to a suitable institution.
  • Proof of legal ownership is of primary importance. All donors will be required to sign a certificate of gift stating that they are the rightful owners of the artifact(s), enabling the Ashton Armoury Museum to assume legal and valid title to or custody of the artifact(s).
  • The cost for conservation, storage and display must be considered when acquiring any objects. An object that may require significant monetary expenditure, or require exorbitant amounts of staff time and expertise, may be refused. If the object is of significant historic interest, the donor may be directed to another institution that may have the necessary abilities to care for the object.

The Museum may issue a tax receipt for the fair market value of the collection upon request by the donor. The Museum Director determines the value to a maximum of $999.00. Collections with a possibly higher value must be appraised by an interdependent appraiser at the donor’s expense. However, due to space limitations, we cannot accept every donation. For more information on how the museum receives, records, secures, displays, and makes available for viewing and research, and/or how you could make an important contribution for the preservation of Greater Victoria’s military history contact the Museum by telephone at (250) 363-8346 or by email at

Partnerships and Corporate Donations

Sponsor a Vehicle Initiative

Truck Sponsor

You can help us keep the largest fleet of operational military vehicles on Vancouver Island running and on the road by sponsoring or co-sponsoring one of the many vehicles.

How you can help us

Anyone can sponsor any of the vehicles owned by the Museum. All donations received through the Sponsor a Vehicle Initiative will be spent on the maintenance, preservation, conservation or restoration work needed on vehicles owned by the Museum.

For example:

  1. $1,000 would cover gas and oil for a year;
  2. $2,500 would cover (a.) and minor repair spare part; and
  3. $5,000 would cover (a.) + (b.) and a major overhaul.

To learn more and become a sponsor contact the Friends of the Ashton Armoury Museum at

Donor and Sponsor Recognition

The Ashton Armoury Museum  Donors and Sponsors Recognition Plaque contains the names of the museum’s major donors and sponsors, i.e., value of donation or sponsorship is $500 or more.