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The Firearms of Canada The Upper Canada Historical Arms Society











Army MessesThe History of Messes in the Canadian Army,  by Anthony Kellett (2014)

An exhaustive study of the Messes of the Canadian Army, the traditions, buildings, rooms and activities of what used to be the social hub of a Regiment. The book is also available for purchase from Service Publications





AfghanistanAfghanistan: A Canadian Story  Melanie Graham Editor and John McQuarrie Photography (2014)

The book offers readers a chronological compilation of the personal stories and photos of almost 150 men and women, including military, RCMP, Corrections Canada and civilians, who served Canada in Afghanistan from 2001 The book has been revised, updated since it initial publication and has been handed off to the Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) for e-publishing as a Canadian Afghan Mission Legacy Album. This book is also available for purchase from the Edmonton Garrison MFRC.



CWACCanadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC) Complete Booklet 

This complete CWAC recruiting manual is courtesy of the Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum